How Will Deepwater Continue to Attract Investment?

DES is a must attend event where Operators large and small will discuss: the dynamics driving ‘cost’; their drivers & commitments in deepwater; the allocation of capital across their oil & gas portfolios; and insights into how they are shaping their businesses for the future.
Adrian Luckins of BP’s Global Projects Organization will lead our plenary session with Majors and their assessment of the deepwater opportunity from an Integrated Oil Company perspective.

New Speaker Announced

We are pleased to be joined by Tim Duncan, President & CEO of Talos Energy who will kick-off  “A Perspective from Independents” where he will join Kevin Bourgeois of Kosmos Energy in discussing the value proposition of Deepwater for Independents.

Talos and Kosmos will join BP and Total in our Operator Forum scheduled after lunch where their respective supply chains strategies as well as the sectors’ many challenges and opportunities will be discussed.

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Thank You Sponsors

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Introducing the Inaugural Deepwater Executive Summit

We are reaching a critical “Turning of the Tide” in the deepwater industry with Final Investment Decisions under greater scrutiny than ever before. A number of projects are starting to move forward, but the dynamics have changed and not all projects are a given. 

Both Operator and Service Company executives involved in the global deepwater industry will be joining us for this unique event, it should represent an ideal opportunity for you to network with your peer group, learn about what others have to say about the evolving deepwater industry, and share your valuable and unique insights. 

The goal of the Deepwater Executive Summit is to facilitate moving the industry forward through shared learnings, best practices, and networking amongst industry leaders.



The Deepwater Executive Summit will explore several important topics, such as:

  • What types of projects are being approved?
  • What are the dynamics driving deepwater costs?
  • How do costs for different deepwater basins differ, and how will deepwater continue to attract investment?
  • What drives the variance in break-even costs amongst major deepwater Operators?
  • How has the deepwater supply chain transitioned in the last three years, and what impact has the transition had on quality and breadth of service?


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