Thank you for attending Deepwater Executive Summit 2024!

March 5, 2024 | Omni Houston | Houston, TX

Who Should Attend the Deepwater Executive Summit?

The Deepwater Executive Summit (DES) is the premier gathering for visionaries, innovators, and leaders within the deepwater oil & gas industry. If you’re passionate about steering the future of deepwater exploration and production towards new heights, DES 2024 is your indispensable platform.

Our Target Attendee Profile

Strategic Visionaries

DES is crafted for directors, vice presidents and senior managers who play a pivotal role in shaping strategic directions. If your work involves charting the course for your company’s future in deepwater operations, this summit offers the insights and connections you need.


The summit is a melting pot of influential leaders, including CEOs, CTOs, COOs, and other executives, making it an ideal place for those looking to make impactful decisions based on the latest industry trends and data.

Technical Innovators

Engineers, project managers, and technical specialists find immense value in DES, as it presents the latest technological advancements, best practices, and project updates. As a technical innovator, your expertise is vital to the industry’s progression.

Industry Pioneers

Professionals who are at the forefront of the energy transition, carbon capture and storage (CCS), and other cutting-edge developments attend DES to connect with their peers who are equally committed to sustainability and innovation in deepwater exploration.

Why Attend?

Unrivaled Networking Opportunities

Connect with a diverse array of professionals from across the spectrum of the deepwater industry. From informal meetups to structured networking sessions, DES facilitates meaningful connections.

Cutting-Edge Insights

With a program tailored to reflect the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing the sector, attendees gain access to strategic insights from both major operators and independents.

Shape the Future

By participating in DES, you’re not just attending a conference; you’re contributing to the discourse that will define the future of deepwater exploration and production.

Diverse Perspectives

Our attendee base, comprising over 100 delegates, ensures a broad spectrum of insights, fostering a rich environment for exchange and collaboration.